Chapter 2: Secret of Chateau de Moreau Game Tips and Solutions

Antoine wakes up from the dream, and notices that Leah is in his room probably sleepwalking. Alberto gives him a key. Alberto leads Antoine to the 3rd floor of the Count's study. Go to the living room and talk to Leah. Then touch the statue of the angel for clues. Then look at the box underneath the angelic statue.

Leah tells Antoine to look for the rusty key in the Garden on the first floor, which is in the fountain. Go back to the living room on the third floor and insert the rusty key into the box underneath the statue of the angel. On the right hand side of the living room, click on the decorative sword. Insert the decorative sword into the scabbard of the angel's waist to open the iron bars. Inside the box underneath the statue is a pipe handle and also a note.

Go to the garden to use the pipe handle. Insert the pipe handle into the doors of the tower, and then turn the handle counter clockwise until you cannot turn it anymore. Move into the tower and go to the second floor. In the middle of the floor, you will see a hole. Antoine needs to go back outside the tower, and retrieve the pipe handle, and reenter the tower. Once inside the tower on the second floor, insert the pipe handle. Turn the pipe handle clockwise, and then obtain the punchcard A on the right wall. Then turn the pipe handle counterclockwise, and then obtain the punchcard B on the left wall.

Then go back into the Chateau and meet Ervan. He tells you to go to Ulic's room on the second floor. On the floor is a pocket watch. Click on the deer head in order to receive the black die.

Now, Antoine needs to go to Catherine's room on the other side of corridor. Remove the pillow, and you will find a red dice. Present the Pocket Watch to Catherine. Then go to the Banquet hall and talk to Felix. Felix invites you to meet him in the boiler room. Make sure you ask Felix all the questions.

Then head to the banquet hall and move into the kitchen and meet Matisse. On the floor, obtain the wooden horse. Again, make sure that you ask the cook all the questions. Then head down to the basement to the Maid's room so that you can present the wood horse to Leah.

As you leave the Maid's room, she gives you a Music Box that belongs to Ulic. Go back to the Banquet hall, and move into the kitchen. The Cook is gone so look in the cabinet. The code is SOUP. Inside the cabinet is a recipe, and poison. Leave the banquet hall to the right corrodor, and bump into Marie. She tells you to go back to the kitchen. In the kitchen, you will hear the cook and Leah arguing.

Then head to the Maid's room to talk to Leah. Present the Recipe to Leah. Outside of the Maid's room, you will bump into Sandra, the bartender. Then go back to the garden, and talk to Rosalie. Then go back to the second floor and enter Giz's room and speak with Victoria. Ask Giz if she has a die, and she will give you a yellow dice, and ask her all the questions.

Go back to the third floor into the Count's study. Insert the three dice into the three holes on the top. The clock on the top is the clue and the dot should correspond to the hour hand of the clock. If the dot is on the right side, it is three. On the bottom, it is 6. On the left, it is 9. If not dot beside the top one, it is 0. Enter the numbers and hit ok to open the door.

Once inside the count's study, insert the key that was given to you from Alberto into the box. There are two books inside. To open the diary, use your two punch cards. Drag the first punch card over the numbers, and turn it clockwise 2 times so that all numbers are appearing. Hit ok, and then drag the second punchcard on top of it. Turn the second punchard three times clockwise and hit ok. The numbers will appear 8620, and you need to enter the number. Then place the punch cards on the diary. Drag the first punch card to bottom right corner, and turn clockwise 2 times to get the word SECRETS all in blue. Drag second punch card to top left corner, turn clockwise 1 time to see the word UNCOVER in red. Turn the second punch card clockwise 2 more times, and drag it to the bottom left corner to unveil the word DESTINY in green. Answer Alberto's questions. Then you will obtain Antoine's Mother's picture.

Back in the banquet hall, you will be asked many questions. Answering five wrong questions will end the game. Correct answers in this order:
-Ulic's Quarrel.
-Secret Meeting in the Kitchen.
-He heard them talk about Ulic's Lover
-Pocket Watch
-Ulic is not the Count's murderer.
-The Count's Diary
-Music Box

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