Chapter 3

Antoine is his bedroom, and needs to find out who is the drunken guest. Once outside, Antoine encounters a quarrel in the corridor; it is between the Drunken guest and Rosalie. Rosalie invites Antoine into the Piano Room. Click on the Piano and Antoine obtains the Unusual Sheet Music. Then click on the Metal Box near the window. The combination is based on the Sheet Music which is CAFE. Inside the box is a Hexagonal Crystal. Then click on the wall to the left to see the Heiroglypic wall with unusual characters. Once outside the Piano Room, Antoine encounters Felix who will lead him to the Banquet room in which he will show how to operate the Grandfather clock. Then Marie approaches and leads Antoine to the Count's room. Use the Hexagonal Crystal and place it in the table in the middle of the room. On the left, click on the shades to open and shut the three shades. There are seven ways to do so. Then click on the ceiling to see the clues. There should be seven clues. Then Antoine has to head back down to the Piano Room and click on the heiroglyph wall, and use the seven clues to solve the puzzle, thereby opening one part of the Grandfather clock. Outside, Antoine bumps into Ulic and the Druken Guest who happens to be Nolben, an old friend of the count. Nolben wants Antoine the fetch his coat in the Chess Room. Antoine also obtains the ring with the symbol M. Since Nolben is in room 108, but Alberto tells him to go back to the Chess Room. The Chess room is empty, but the chess pieces are moved. Click on the table and obtain Chess Piece Set. Antoine needs to head back to room 108. But along the way Antoine meets Marie in the banquet hall. Antoine follows her into the kitchen and sees Leah too. On the left hand side of the kitchen is a weigh scale that can be used to weigh the chess pieces. Then leave the Banquet hall and into room 108 for Nolben. There is also something lying underneath the bed which is an Old Photo, and also the White King. Antoine needs to use the white King and place it on the Chess Board in the Chess Room. The chess pieces contains different grams, and must balance so that the pieces on white squares will balance pieces of black squares, and the guage needle will stay in the middle. Just remember that 218 is total, half of it is on the black, and half on the white. The second mechanism on the Grandfather clock is now open. Antoine heads to the boiler room and talks to Felix. Then head to the Banquet Hall. Alberto tells Antoine to head to the 3 Floor Memorial Hall, which is accessible by going to the living room, and moving down to the Memorial Hall. In the Memorial Hall are six busts. Since Antoine cannot carry two busts at one time, he has the use the seventh pedestal on the south wall so that he can move the busts around in the correct order. Once they are all in the correct order, the third mechanism of the clock opens. By the way, inscriptions are found if you click on the bottom each pedestal. Then head to the garden. In the tower, Antoine needs to go to the basement. He discovers that he needs to a key to open the basement, and goes to the boiler room and talks to Felix. Ask Felix how many floors does the tower have, and then get the key. Antoine will find the Tower Basement Key in the tool box. Head back to the tower, and go to the entry to the basement inside the tower. Once inside the tower, go to the basement, and then type in the worse REVERSE. Then, as you go down further, you will see a similar heiroglyph puzzle, but this time, it has to be REVERSED, which means that that you have to press down everything except for the clues that you received from the piano room. Then go down further to basement, and another mechanism from the clock opens. Afterwards, Leah tells you to go see Sandra which is the basement. Ask her about Nolben and you will solve the drunken guest. Now go to the Banquet hall, and meet Lardigue. The Chandilier will fall so be sure to push the north arrow to miss it. In the room, look at the crossbowon the floor. Then present the yearbook to Lardigue and get the Teddy Bear and give it to Catherine in her room. Get from Alberto a book list, then head up to Count's Study on level 3. Inside the Count's study, use the 4 bookshelves to help find the number that corresponds with the book that you have received from Sandra. The combination is 6740. Inside the safe is an IOU for a huge sum of money. Use the key to open the drawer underneath the box. In the drawer, receive an Old Piece of Paper. The piece of paper is to help open the second safe behind the portrait. The roman numerals correspond to the shelf #. So if it's III, you go look in bookcase #3(on the right side of the room on the top). And then you see what number is at the bottom of III. If the number is 8, then you look in the book title #8 from bookshelf #3. Pay attention to the titles of the book because they have a name. Like The Second Sun would be the number 2. The correct combination is 25362. At the Banquet hall, answer in this manner: 1)Present the IOU, 2)Choose Nolben 3)Show Old Photo 4)Choose Drunken Guest 5)Show suspicious ring 6)Choose what did you see 7) Show old letter in the safe.

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