Chapter 4

How to Solve the two Walls in the Living Room

Go to Felix in the boiler room (in the basement) and ask about the optical illusion walls in the Living Room. Obtain blueprint from Felix.  Go back to living room, and touch the walls. The Blueprint helps to solve the puzzle. The L stands for left wall, and the R stands for right wall. For example, R33 is right wall, (starting from top left) count three tiles over, and three tiles down, and push the tile. (L73, L55, L34, L35, L86, L81) (R33, R73, R53, R26, R44, R65). The left wall spells an M. The right wall spells the letter Z. Solving the puzzle will open another mechanism of the Grandfather clock.

Then head to room 108 Nolben's room. Ask Nolben about Charlotte. Then go to room 101 and talk to Rosalie. Then go to Catherine's room and encounter the family doctor, Ferdinand. Ask her all the questions, then go to the study on second floor. Ask Giz and Victoria questions about Charlotte. Then go to the Maid's room in the Basement and ask Leah. Ask Leah where she was that night.

Then go to Ervan's room. After talking to him, make sure you don't enter his lavatory. Then go to the banquet hall. Then go to the Bar in the Basement and meet Sandra for some tea and be sure to ASK her all the questions.

Then go to room 101 to get the square wrench from Felix. Then head back to the Garden, back to the basement of the tower, and use the Square Wrench to unlock.  Click on the four holes.

It is incomplete, so you have to head back and
see Felix in the basement in the boiler room and obtain pipe parts.   Then head back to the Tower Basement and match the pipe parts, then pull the lever on the right wall.

Go down another level to the circular chamber. Upon entering, go into the left door up to the teleport. The clues are hidden in the stone plates on the left and right. The number is out of order, and it goes 2,1,3,2,3. To solve this puzzle, the left portal is 1, the middle portal is 2, and the right portal is 3. You have to go through the middle portal, left portal, right portal, middle portal, and right portal to open the blocked gate. Once through the gate, obtain 2 Stone Plate A's.

Then go back to circular chamber, and go to the right door which will lead you to a different puzzle. Use the levers in the center to pull up and down, and the gates will be opened. On the right hand is the 2 Stone Plates C's. On the left, obtain 2 Stone Plates B's.

Then go back to the circular chambers. Move the center wheel a quarter clockwise. Enter the right door, and you will the water blessing. Back to the circular chamber, and go left door which you will encounter a mystery person. Do not follow him.

Turn the wheel clockwise again, and then go to the right door, down the corridor and pull the lever. Then go to the left door, pull the lever, and then obtain 2 Stone Plate C's. Back to the Circular chamber, and go to the right door to obtain 2 Stone Panel A's. Back to the Circular chamber, and turn the wheel a quarter clock-wise.

Go to the left door, and go through the maze and obtain 2 Stone Plate B's.  The secret to the Maze is not to take any shortcuts.  Back to the Circular Chamber and go through the right door and up the corridor that connects to the basement; you will see Charlotte's cat.

On the northwall, you will see three puzzles. And you need to fit the pieces into perfectly to form the puzzle. You can rotate the pieces by clicking the rotate button on the top right, so that it will fit. Once it fits, it will make a sound beeping sound. Once all three puzzles are completed, the floor shakes and the Grandfather clocks starts again.

Then go through the North Wall into another Secret underground chamber. Antoine cannot turn the lever. But look at the bottom of the wall, is a small opening that the cat crawled underneath. Click on that to find Michaela. But since Michaela the cat will not come out, go back to the right door, and then in the basement to the boiler room.

Felix will give Antoine a scrap metal that looks like a rat; obtain the Mouse Model. Ask Felix if he has anything else, and he will tell you that you need a fishing line.

Go to the first floor room 105 and talk to Lardigue. Ask him if he has fishing line and he will give it to you. Antoine needs to talk to Felix again the boiler room, and Felix tells him about the key that Leah has. Go to the Maid's room and ask Leah. But Leah lost it, and she tells you to remember the thing that you did for her last time. Antoine needs to go back to Ulic's room and get the music box on the table, to obtain the Wind-up Key.

Then go back to the chamber (through the north wall of the basement) and use the mouse and click on the opening space near the floor where Charlotte's cat is. Then wind up the key by turning it clockwise. Then turn the fishing line clockwise (but do it very slowly otherwise the cat will go deeper inside) (Make sure that the sound is enabled before hand so you can hear the cat's meow). Then you got Michaela. Once done, you will enter Charlotte's room.

In Charlotte's room, open the closet door on the left hand side. Antoine needs to go and ask Felix to help open the safe. Felix tells him that he needs to find a stethoscope which can be found in Ervan's room.

Back in Catherine's room, use the Stethoscope and turn the knob. The Stethoscope will help you hear a sound when it is the correct number, then hit the button in the middle. Inside the safe are Toe Shoes, a Small Vial with purple liquid, a storybook 4, a Vial.

Then Alberto invites Antoine into the dining room for the fourth dinner for some questioning again. Answer in this order: 1. Political Marriage. 2. Vial. 3. So it was you that drugged the tea. 4. Toe Shoes. 5. What Charlotte did.