Chapter 5

Outside Antoine's room in the corridor is a bunch of guests. Talk to them, and they all hurriedly run off. Go to Catherine's room, and she will tell you of her addiction to the pills that Ferdinand has been giving to her. Then go to Ulic's room. Then go to the banquet hall, then the kitchen. Then go to the basement and talk to the guests. Then go to the boiler room and talk to Felix. He needs help to find something. Talk to the guests on the first floor right corridor. They tell you to go to room 110. Underneath the bed is a spare handle. Take it back to the boiler room. Turn the fan clockwise quickly to keep them from suffocating. Then connect the spare handle to the generator; turn it clockwise until it starts working again.

Then go outside and talk to the guests in the left hand side of the basement. Then talk to Sandra, and ask her: "Who do you think the murderer is?"

Then goto room 101 and talk to Rosalie. On her drawer, obtain Piece A.

Then goto room 103, for a quick talk with Ferdinand. Then head outside and right into Alberto who gives you the Key Ring (spare keys).  In room 105, obtain Piece J. In room 106 is Piece B. In room 109 is piece I.

Then talk to the person in the corridor who is looking for Alberto. A Guest on the 2F is also looking for a key. Then go to the Maid's room and talk to Leah. Then head to the living room on the third floor, and obtain piece H on the left hand side attached to the shield. Then head back to 1F right corridor. Talk to Sandra in the Basement, and ask her about the paintings on the wall, and where the missing pieces may be, and she will tell you that the brothers have some of the missing pieces.

Then go to Ervan's room and obtain Piece C. Goto 2F study and talk to Giz and obtain Piece E. Then Goto Ulic's room and ask for the missing piece, and obtain piece D. Then Talk to Sandra and ask her more questions about the Mosaic. Inside the piano room, inside the piano is Piece G.

Go to Catherine's Room in the tower which is accessible from 3F on the Rooftop, and open the drawer of the dressing table and obtain piece F.

Then head back to the Mosaic on the first floor, on the right wall. Then fill the mosaic with the missing pieces. You will only use some of them.  The trick is to match the colors and faces.  Obtain the silver key.

Then go to the far left wall, and do the same with the other mosaic and then get the golden key. Go to the 3F, by the left corridor and see Ervan. On the wall Ervan was looking at are nine pins.
Then go the Count's study and talk to Alberto. Use the golden key to open the drawer in the study. Look in the drawer to obtain picture sign set, and then obtain Storybook 5.

Goto Sandra in the basement and present the Storybook 5 to her and ask her to read it for you.  1.  The Village of the devil.  2.  Three Elders.  3.  Seven Talismans.  4.  Six Brothers.  5.  The coming of age year.  6.  Stars of the Neighboring Village.  7. The Village Square.  8.  Little Devils.  9.  Stardust.  Head back to 3F left corridor to put the pieces in the right order, and tell the story using the pictures.  Hint, the numbers will correspond to the storyline. Completing the puzzle will restart the Grandfather clock.

Now head back to the Banquet hall. The clock is locked again. The clue at the foot of the clock wants you to make it at 12 O'clock. Touch the pendelums and look up and see how it is changed. Different pendulums will move the hands differently. Hint, the far left one is the minutes, and the third one is the hour.  The fourth pendulum is to reverse the hour.  Keep swinging the first pendulum until you get it right.  Make sure that you hear the click sound before you look up to the clock. You will hear a clicking sound when puzzled is solved.

On the right of the clock is a lift. Enter the lift. Pull the lever and go into the chamber. Go back up the lift and push the lever up. Keep pushing the lever up until you go into the Chess Room. Use the silver key to open the keyhole on the right wall. Inside is a Cross Pendant. Go down to the banquet hall, then go down again to the chamber room again. Put the Cross Pendant in the middle of the revolving device.

Turn it clockwise until you hear the clicking sound, and go through the right door. Go down south to obtain a Lantern. On the West side, use the floor panels to lower the spikes.  Make sure you pull the lever. 

Then go back into chamber and through the left door and go north to see the coin slot.  It is here that you need to insert the coins. 

Then go back into chamber, turn the wheel clockwise until the clicking sound and go to the right door again. Go through all the rooms, and pull all the levers. In one of the rooms, there is an empty heart, and another wall, there is a crown.

Head back into the Chamber Room, and head towards the left door.  In the Mechanical Room, in the center is a switch on the floor. Make sure that you push the lever upwards, so that you open the steel door and obtain the coin. 

Head back to the chamber room, and turn the wheel clockwise again.  Go into the right door.  Pull the lever, then go through the maze.  Touch the Statues that do not have horns and they will emit a blue light.  After touching all, you can obtain another gold coin from the rusty box.  Avoid the other monsters.  Go back to Chamber room, and through left door. 

The teleportation room is tricky because if you step on the wrong one, this will teleport you back from the start.  Notice that the red color will highlight the ones that you do not want to step on.  It’s ok to step on the rest of the pads.  Obtain another coin from the rusty box. 

Go back to the Chamber room.  Turn wheel clockwise until
clicking sound.  And head through the right door.  In this room, square panels will help you teleport to the top.  Upon reaching the top, obtain another gold coin from the rusty box.  The worst part is to reverse the process so that you can get out of the chamber.  That can be tedious, but just be patient.    

In the chamber room, turn the wheel clockwise.  Then click in the middle to enter the lift and push the lever upwards to the Banquet Hall.  And then back into the lift, and push the lever upwards to go into the chess room.  On the Chess Board, DON’T bother balancing the chess pieces like last time.  Just make sure that the weight is tipped to the crown, or the heart.  You will hear a mechanical sound which means if you recall the room in the chamber with both the crown and the heart; the panels are opened.  This mean that you would go have to head down, return again, and balance the pieces on the heart, head down to the Chamber room and opened again.  This may be a little confusing, but you have to find the right room in the Chamber with the crown and heart.  In that room, click on the crown (when the chess pieces are balanced on the crown) and do the same with the heart.  A statue will appear, and upon touching it will emit a blue light.  For all your tedious efforts, you will now open the rusty box, and obtain another coin.  Hooray!!!

Now, back in the chamber room, turn the wheel COUNTER-CLOCKwise, and go through left door.  Now, with the coins, insert into the slot. Make sure to turn the coin sideways by clicking on the icon on top right.  Four coins will be inserted, and the fifth one just lays on top.  That will open the door, and keep heading north.  Use the lantern and light the torch along the wall.  You will now have a long discussion with a mysterious bearded man.

In the Banquet hall, answer the questions.  I entrusted Alberto with it.  There is a suspicious person in here.  Catherine is the culprit.  Stop being a fool! It wasn’t because of you.  Happy Ending.   'In fact, the murderer is outside the door, will give Alfredo a bad ending.