Chapter 1

Goto 2nd Floor to Antoine's room. Talk to Charlotte (eldest daughter). Enter into Antoine's room. Obtain the yearbook. Talk to Felix, the Engineer, and have him turn on the electricity. To open the safe on Antoine's wall, use the yearbook. The date of the yearbook is 34.3.2; Input this number. In the safe, you will find a book, a key, and also a square bright colored lock button. Use the key to open the drawer underneath the safe, and obtain the second lock button. Use the lock buttons and click on the safe to open it. Drag the lock buttons in the missing areas. There is a shape like an M in between the red lines. Click on the buttons inside the red line that forms the M shape, and hit ok to open the safe and obtain the sealed will. You will now be transported to the dining room where the people will be accusing of you of killing the count. After all the dialogue, please sure to click: "I was at school that day." Then near the end, click on: "Please give me time."

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